Monday, August 12, 2013

What Inspired Your Career in the Visual Arts? The Grey Lady Wants To Know

Art Room Still Life
Art Room Still Life by Alexa Clark. Image via Flickr, courtesy of Alexa Clark.

What inspired you to become an art teacher? The New York Times will soon publish a piece by Holland Cotter on his his path to becoming an esteemed art critic for the Grey Lady. The paper has put out a call for stories from visual arts professionals of all stripes on how you came to your career. They want to hear from you whether you are an art teacher, a museum security guard, a photographer, a painter.

Though my family was more than supportive of my choice to pursue a career in the arts, others have faced seemingly insurmountable odds to pursue their passion in this field. That is one reason that the arts are a great place to work. You may become a banker just for the money, but if you're in the arts, it's more than likely that you are in the field for the love of it.

I can't wait to see what The Times publishes for this feature, and maybe even one story will demonstrate to a budding artist or curator (or art teacher) that their dream is not so crazy after all, and a dream worth pursuing.

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