Monday, May 6, 2013

Oobleck Alert! The Brooklyn Museum of Science and Art Makes Its Way

Oobleck: a non-Newtonian "fluid"
Oobleck! This weird gooey stuff is the centerpiece of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Science's first pop-up, coming this Saturday. Image by Flickr user Mrs. Dr. The Ivan.

A few months ago I posted a tidbit about a proposal for an art and science museum in North Brooklyn (my home!) - and it was very popular with you, my loyal readers! I'm happy to say that it looks like this exciting proposal is moving forward.

Meredith Hoffman of DNAinfo reports that a planning group has identified sources of funding and created a plan for a 100,000 square foot center, deemed the Brooklyn Museum of Science and Art. "It's not just a science or art museum," according to architect Darrick Borowski, "and it's not just crafty exhibits for kids explaining science. It's scientists and artists coming up with ideas and exploring issues together." Borowski also notes that the North Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint, where the museum will be located, is a great location due to the number of families as well as artists and creative workers.

An exact place for the museum has not been identified yet, and it likely would not open until 2019 - but in the meantime planners will host pop-up events in the community. The first event is coming up this Saturday, May 11, in Brooklyn's McCarren Park. As part of the evironmental festival Go Green Greenpoint, a pool of oobleck - a material that is both solid and liquid, made of water and cornstarch - will be placed in McCarren's playground, so visitors can experience "walking on water." Oobleck papier mache activities will also be on-site for the art component.

For more updates on the Brooklyn Museum of Science and Art, check out their Facebook page! I'm looking forward to watching this project take shape right in my own neighborhood.

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